We are living in an incredible era where India today is at the cusp of change .. So why to criticize every time??


‘It’s wrong to criticize the Government without offering a possible alternative’ – Jacque Fresco

We are living in an incredible era. India today is at the cusp of change! We have made tremendous progress in the past decade in the field of Infrastructure, Defence, Transport and Space research. Today, India is indeed a force to reckon with.

The past 3 years have in fact yielded rich results to India as a result of the ruling Government’s ambitious projects and strong ties with foreign countries. Several schemes have been introduced by the ruling BJP Government both, at the Centre and State. Some projects have been met with a tremendous response, while some have been criticized outright by the Opposition and the general public.

Certain Govt. decisions such as Demonetization, GST rollout and Beef Ban have been criticized by a good majority of people. However, an alarming trend, which has been observed, is that a certain section of our country is rejecting schemes or ideas presented by the Government without logic or reason.

Debate without concrete reasoning can be detrimental to a democracy like India.

It is indeed sad that people are rejecting Government related decisions just for the mere reason that they do not like those in power at the Center. Everyone needs to understand that while there is always room for debate; one shouldn’t go on a verbal rampage just for the sake of it.

A recent example: Prime Minister Narendra Modi during his Independence Day address laid out an ambitious vision for the nation’s growth, to be achieved by 2022.

The vision was indeed ambitious, but if achieved, would certainly put India on the roadmap of being a well-developed Superpower. As soon as the Independence Day celebrations concluded, those in the Opposition; made it a point to belittle Narendra Modi’s speech and vision for our country.

The irony – the infamous UPA rule in the past decade, which was characterized by rampant corruption, brought major flak to the country from all quarters. Even if the Opposition does not agree to the ruling party’s ideology, they should at least praise Modi’s vision for India.

Similarly, a recent Bollywood blockbuster – Toilet Ek Prem Katha – was taken down by the pseudo -liberals for praising BJP’s Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, which in fact even if highly ambitious, is indeed a noble initiative.

Is criticizing the Government the new way to be cool nowadays? Don’t you feel blind hatred and opposition can hamper the country’s growth?