Peanut Ladoo Recipe – Learn How To Make Crunchy Peanut Ladoo


How to make Peanut Ladoos

1. Dry roast peanuts and remove the skin. Wash the peanuts, drain them off in a colander for about 5 minutes. Microwave them on high for about 4 minutes, stirring after 2 minutes. When the nuts cool down, the skin peels off easily, a light rub is just enough. If this is done on the stove top, the pan gets charred.
2. Grate jaggery. Pick and discard any debris
3. Blend together jaggery, peanuts and cardamom powder till smooth
4. Add crushed cornflakes and mix well. Take small portions and roll them to balls
5. Store them in an airtight container. The cornflakes begin to lose crunch after 2 days, so make in small quantities or avoid using cornflakes

Peanut Ladoo recipe using cornflakes
Peanuts are high in protein and many other nutrients. They are one of the most commonly used nuts across the world. These cornflakes peanut ladoos make a good and quick energy booster for all age groups.

No ghee is needed to prepare these. The moisture in the jaggery and oil in the peanuts will be sufficient for binding. So it is absolutely nourishing and healthy if made without sugar.

To make these peanut ladoo, cornflakes are used, to give a crunchy feel while we bite into it. However it is optional using them, you can make the ladoos even without cornflakes.