Rahul Gandhi Quotes that make his latest “Indira Canteen” Gaffe Sound like Words of a Genius


This morning I got up at night Rahul Gandhi inaugurated “Indira canteen” in capital city of Karnataka, Bengaluru.

In a slip of the tongue, the Congress leader revealed where the blueprint came from. “In a matter of a few months, the poor people across most cities in Karnataka will be able to eat in these Amma…er…Indira canteens,” said Rahul Gandhi, who also ate a meal of Wangi Bath or rice with brinjal at the canteen in Jayanagar in south Bengaluru.

In a four-minute speech congress vice-president has done another set of blunders and highlights were

  • Rahul Gandhi referred to Indira Canteen as Amma Canteen
  • He twice almost termed ‘canteen’ as ‘campaign’
  • Congress vice-president said Indira Canteens would soon be in ‘every city of Bengaluru’
  • He also used Bangalore instead of Bengaluru.

In four minutes of his speech 47 year old congress vice president hailed the Siddaramaiah government for reaching out to the poor and downtrodden with the affordable food at canteens program named after his grandmother and India’s first and only woman Prime Minister. He added “Every citizen of Karnataka, under the Siddaramaiah government should feel he won’t go hungry. That is the vision of the Amma…Indira Canteen.”

What is notable is Amma Canteens were started in Tamil Nadu by the state’s former CM and former AIADMK head J Jayalalithaa and she is praised for this initiative even today.

Nonetheless, he did outline that while breakfast would cost Rs 5, lunch and dinner would be served at Indira Canteen for Rs 10. “It is our intention that the quality of food, the cleanliness in this canteen is the same as the most expensive restaurants in Bangalore.”

This is not the first time Rahul Gandhi has floundered he has a history. I have tried compiling few of those as it’s important to know our Prime Minister in waiting (If congress ever gets back the credibility they lost due to these blunders + Scams)

1. On poverty:

“Poverty is just a state of mind. It does not mean the scarcity of food, money or material things”

2. On being asked about providing e-literacy for poor children

“Can I ask you a counter question? How are you going to help them?”

3. In an Ahmedabad Congress Meet

“Gujarat is bigger than the United Kingdom.”

4. In Same speech

In fact, India is “you know”, bigger than Europe and the United States put together.”

5. In the CII Summit

“India is a beehive.”

6. In a Congress Workshop on Social Media

“If India is a computer, then Congress is its default program.”

7. On being officially appointed as the party’s No. 2

“All the public systems – administration, justice, education and political are designed to keep people with knowledge out. Such a system promotes mediocrity.”

8. On the meaning of politics

“Politics is in your shirt, in your pant.”

9. Rahul Gandhi’s verbal goof-up at MP rally (Mixes up bhrashtachar with balatkar):

“What has the government done for the tribals here? Have they indulged in corruption (apke saath bhrashtachar kiya?)… Nahin balatkar kiya (no they have raped).”

10. On the drug problem in Punjab

What he said: “10 out of 7 youths in Punjab are hooked on to drugs.”

Few other goofs 

  1. “Hindustan Ek Soch hai. Hindustan Ek Jagah Hai…(fumbles) Magar  Hindustan Ek Soch Hai…” (I won’t even bother to translate this, feel  free to make your own interpretations.
  2. “There are people doing yoga in New York, dancing around; that’s the  power of India. You go to a nightclub somewhere in Spain and there’s  Amitabh Bachchan on the screen there, dancing around. That’s the power  of India. That’s the power of Indian people.”
  3. “A rising tide doesn’t raise people who don’t have a boat. We have  to build the boat for them. We have to give them the basic  infrastructure to rise with the tide.”
  4. “If I am incompetent, I am useless, the people of India will see that.” (hmmm, no comments!)
  5. “There’s so much of unemployment in Gujarat. About 27,000 crore jobs  are lying vacant there” (And the fact is, population of India is 130  crore. How come 27k crore jobs are lying vacant over there?).
  6. “Gujarat Ko Agar Kisine Khada Kiya Hai, Gujarat Ko Amul (the milk  brand) Kisne Diya Hai, Gujarat Ko Kisne Doodh Diya Hai? Toh Iss Tadaf  Dekhiye, In Mahilao Ne Diya Hai. Gujarat Ki Mahilao Ne Doodh Diya Hai  (who has given the milk brand Amul to Gujarat? Who has given milk to  Gujarat? Look over here, our women are the source of milk in Gujarat.  These women have given milk).
  7. Dawaiyon K Daam Badha Diye Gaye Hain. Pehle 1,000 Mein Milti Thi. Ab  1 lakh Mein Milengi. Par Isse Ameer Logo Ko Nuksaan Nahi Hoga. Nuksaan  Gareeb Logo Ko Hoga. Gareeb Janta Maregi. Yahan Yeh Humari Behne Baithi  Hain, Inke Baccho Ko Cancer Hoga, Toh Inke Bacche Marenge (cost of  medicines have now been increased. Earlier, say, a medicine cost 1,000.  Now it will cost 1 lakh. This won’t affect the rich people. This will  affect our poor people. They will die. Our sisters sitting over here,  their kids will die).
  8. “This morning I got up at night, 4 O’clock in the morning.”

These are few of those blunders and in fact let’s thank him for those blunders as they help you understand how rationally Mr. Rahul Gandhi can think and if by chance he would have made up the position of the prime minister of India. How disastrous it could have been especially in light of the balance India is maintaining with between Israel & Iran, US & Russia, China & Japan etc

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has highlighted these in his political rallies during Uttar Pradesh elections. But Rahul appears to be a person in wrong profession.

“It’s better to keep your mouth shut and appear stupid than open it and remove all doubt” — Mark Twain

But with the little left hope Rahul Gandhi listens to Mark.